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 I offer earlobe and helix cartilage piercings in a sterile environment. Professional piercing for over 25 years. I have a home based medi spa studio.
Babies up to 4 months old are accepted and must have DTaP vaccine. Children over 4 years old must be ready on their own. The parent is not allowed to restrain the child. Please watch the youtube video below with child and are 100% ready. 5% Lidocaine cream numbs nicely apply front and back of earlobe, cover with saran wrap 30min before appt. Please make sure child is not allergic to lidocaine.




Earlobe Piercing

Includes 1 pair of medical grade

stainless steel cubic zirconia

studs silver or gold. Hypoallergenic. Pre Packaged Pre Sterilized Cartridge, Never touches any skin.  100% Sterile.


Cartilage Piercing or Single Lobe or

Includes 1 medical grade

stainless steel cubic zirconia

stud. Same info as above.


Cash encouraged.
There will be an added 5% charge for using a credit card.
All major credit cards accepted.

The fee is the same if the appointment time is taken up and no piercing is done.

Must be
 18 yrs old or be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
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