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Face Lift Skin Preparation

We offer pre and post-op medical grade skin preparation and repair treatments for plastic surgery of the face, eyes, face lifts, breasts, and any other areas of the body. 


We use pharmaceutical-grade skin care brand, ENVIRON, which offers products and treatments that stimulate collagen and stem cell growth in the surgical area.

Please schedule a free consultation to discuss pricing.

Text Linda at 203.231.8306


(before your surgery)

We will prepare your skin prior to your surgery and you will be sent home with a skin care kit. 


You may start three months prior to surgery or as little as three weeks before.


(after your surgery)

Environ's potent serums and growth peptides along with Vitamin A and C are used to compliment, heal and soften scars old or new!


We also treat wounds that are healing, burns, rosacea, eczema, and more skin conditions.

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