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Get rid of unwanted hair permanently while gaining confidence

To remove hair a very fine needle is inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair shaft. A small amount of electrical current is then applied to destroy the hair growth cells.


Galvanic is a chemical process. The electric current (DC) produces a chemical reaction in the hair follicle destroying the germanitive cells.


Thermolysis (or short-wave) produces heat. When this AC current modality is used it heats and destroys the hair growth cells in the follicle. 


The Blend Method combines galvanic DC current with thermolysis AC current. Thermolysis heats up the chemical reaction in the follicle destroying hair growth cells.

How It's Done

the three modalities

Why Electrolysis Over Other Hair Removal?

Electrolysis has been the only proven method of permanent hair removal since 1875. Electrolysis produces permanent results and is extremely versatile. It can help inhibit new hair growth for all skin and hair types. Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal that is available for the eyebrows and tattooed embellished skin art.


Laser hair removal is considered a temporary method as it only slows the growth of hair. Because of its use of radiation, it has not been evaluated for long-term safety of the patient's skin and health. Laser hair removal should not be performed on or near the eye brows as it can damage the retina. Side effects of laser hair removal may include blisters, inflammation, swelling, irritation, pigmentation changes, and redness. With electrolysis, only minor side effects are seen and they tend to go away within a day. Pain and swelling are rare.


Electrolysis covers the largest variety of skin and hair types. It works anywhere on the body and is effective on all hair types - blonde, brunette, red, grey, etc. - as well as all skin tones. 


Waxing, threading, and tweezing all eventually cause an increase in hair growth. These forms of hair removal cause blood to rush to the hair root and surrounding area which stimulates the thin vellus baby hairs (peach fuzz) and brings extra androgens. This stimulation increases growth and coarsening of surrounding hairs which causes them to grow back thicker and stronger. Ingrown hairs, scaring, and discoloration may result.


15 Min $60.00
30 Min $75.00
45 Min $90.00

 60 Min $110.00


Cash encouraged.
There will be an added 5% charge for using a credit card.
All major credit cards accepted.
  • Do Electrologists follow appropriate Infection Control?
    The American Electrology Association has written Standards for Infection Controlfollowing the most recent recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Association for Practitioners in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC).
  • How many treatments are required?
    The number of treatments varies with each client. Treatments can range from 15 minutes to more than an hour depending on the area being treated. Factors such as hair growth cycles, the quantity and structure of hair presented, previous use of temporary hair removal methods, heredity, hormone function, certain medication and stress influence the treatment program. Electrolysis is effective on all skin and hair types. No other hair removal solution can claim such universal acceptability and success. It is important to follow the recommended treatment plan to achieve optimum results.
  • Are all hairs eliminated in one treatment or is regrowth to be expected?
    Excessive hair growth, known as hirsutism can range from fine, to dark, coarse hair on the face and body. Deep, coarse hairs cannot always be eliminated with one treatment; thus, breaking down the hair growth cells may require addition treatments.
  • What does electrolysis feel like?
    Most clients find electrolysis to be a comfortable experience. With continually advancing technology, equipment and treatment protocols, Electrolysis is more comfortable and effective than ever before.
  • Does electrolysis have any side effects on the skin?
    Immediately following treatment, there may be slight redness. The amount will vary with each client.
  • Can unwanted hair be removed from anywhere on the body?
    Electrolysis works on all skin and hair types. We can remove hair from any area including the eyebrows, chin, upper and lower lip, jawline and sides of the face, breasts and underarms, abdomen, bikini line, legs, ears and back.
  • Can women begin or have electrolysis treatments during pregnancy?
    Unwanted hair can be caused by hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy. Electrolysis can be performed on any normal skin. This includes pregnant women. We suggest that you seek the advice of your physician before beginning treatment.
  • Can hairs be removed from moles?
    Electrolysis can be performed in most moles where States allow it. Electrologists require written approval from your physician.
  • Should I consider having electrolysis on the bikini area in the summer months?
    Electrolysis is perfectly safe to do all year round.
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