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I have been a client of Linda Brown's for 29 treatments of 1/2 hour sessions once a week faithfully. I have a problem with hair growth on my chin and neck. Previously, I had gone to two other Electrologists who had performed the standard thermolysis, but it would never take and my stubborn thick coarse hair would come back. Then I found Linda. She recommended and introduced me to the blend. I have her put the current up to a high setting ( I have a high pain tolerance), and even though it may be a little more uncomfortable than the standard thermolysis-it works!! The results are phenomenal, and the area I had the most trouble with is now hair free. I am so grateful to have found Linda and "the blend". She has a very warm and caring personality and her standards of cleanliness and sterilization methods are never overlooked.


After many years of plucking, I decided to try Electrolysis for a stubborn patch of coarse hair under my chin. I saw Linda Brown's card in my Doctor's office of Dermatology in Southbury, CT. They had recommended I give her office a call. At my initial consultation, Linda talked to me about the procedure and our treatment schedule. At that point on I began treatments at 1/2 hour sessions, once a week for 10 weeks. My next 12 sessions were at 15 min each week. I am virtually hair free. I am so happy with the results, I highly recommend Linda Brown and her Electrolysis services to anyone suffering from unwanted hair.


I was what you would call a plucker. I had to pluck my chin, neck and upper lip every day. I found Linda Brown's name in the back of the SHOPPING NEWS, a local paper. I set up a free consult and sample treatment. So far I have received 22 treatments, on a weekly basis for one hour each time. My treatment times went down gradually to 1/2 hour. Then to 15 minute sessions. I am very pleased with the progress and I would recommend Electrolysis the Blend to everyone. IT WORKS!!!  It has saved me a great deal of time not having to pluck everyday and my skin looks so much better without the redness and irritation that plucking caused. I would recommend BARE FACTS ELECTROLYSIS as Linda Brown has shown Professionalism and Cleanliness.


I am a 37 year old male with lots of back hair and chest hair. Linda has worked on my back for 4 hours 1x a week. I am loaded with dark thick course hair. I have to shave because it comes sticking out of my shirts. My whole left side is completely done and we are working on the middle of my back . It takes time but I was able to work it into my budget. Her office is private and clean. I am very comfortable with Linda and we hold conversations at ease.


I am a 27 year old Transgender. Linda has performed 156 hours of The Blend on my whole face. I am 85% done. I had gone to an electrologist prior to Linda, for one year and wasted my money. My Counselor told me if I am not receiving the Blend then I need to find an Electrologist who uses that special current. Not only is Linda a professional, she educates you while she works on you. She is always at seminars and getting continued education.


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